Terms of Use!

(1)-You are responsible for providing all the information necessary to complete your project, unless other arrangements have been made, including text, photos, logos, graphics, log in information, etc.

(2)-Every project requires a determined non-refundable retainer.Please read the following carefully. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

(3)-Payment forms accepted are checks and pay pal & moneybooker payments.

(4)-When an update is complete we will notify you by phone and/or email. Once you receive the update and have viewed everything we require a discussion to ensure we are on the same track and in the right direction.

(5)-When you send email, please use an appropriate subject line, DO NOT LEAVE THIS BLANK. Use proper English in your emails when describing the situation at hand and be as detailed as possible. Proper communication is important and will save YOU time and money on the project.

We can purchase photos for your web site or provide photography services for an additional cost.

(6)-If your correspondence is not timely and/or delivery of materials necessary, your project may be delayed, as we are always taking on new clients.

If you do not understand our terms and conditions, pleasecontact us. for clarification